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The School has an established House System aimed at fostering team spirit and healthy competition among students. The purpose is to encourage full participation in school activities by all students. It enhances pupil teacher relationships as members of each house, work together to gain valuable points. The students are divided into four houses- Arihant, Shalki, Kalvari and Sindhuraj. Each house is headed by a Captain and a Vice Captain.

Visual Arts


The visual arts allow children to enter imaginative worlds, to be creative and to engage in playful thinking. Developing children's imaginations is important for learning to show empathy for others. Creativity is the capacity to develop unique ideas and solutions that are of value.

Performing Arts


The benefits of participating in performing arts programs are valuable and numerous. Participation in performing arts programs is related to various positive personal and academic outcomes, improving child development as a whole, enhancing cognitive, motor, and social skills.

  • Arts programs help build self-confidence. 

  • Drama and performing classes help improve communication skills, concentration, and memory. 

  • Social-emotional development. 

  • Higher academic achievements.

  • It’s super fun! 

Grandparents Day Celebration: 21st September 2022
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